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for the Beauty Industry

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About Qfora


Qfora Business

Qfora means the on/offline place (‘Fora’) where the Qrations (‘Q’) are being proposed. The core function of the Qfora business is to beautify our customers by Qrating products and items derived from the consulting and evaluation of their best fitting color and style. So to speak, Qfora’s core business is to ‘diagnose’ individual customer’s personal color and style and to recommend (Qrating) beauty and fashion items which fit best.

Qfora Data and IoT Environment

PI from customers is the starting point of Qfora’s value creation. So to speak, PI becomes a fundamental part in generating Qration contents. Furthermore, the customers’ own index of beauty identity is more valuable and meaningful than the quantitatively standardized Data itself. PI is also the platform that the Qrator can generate Qration contents and these contents enable segmented customized production and sales.


Fusion of Blockchain Technology & IoT and Big Data

Qfora holds the patented software technology for the Beauty Cam IoT device which is used for ‘diagnosing’ and verifying software for the Beauty Mirror and Smart Mirror Chest. We expect our PI collection to increase explosively due to the coupling of Qfora’s IoT devices and its Concierge App.

Qfora Ecosystem & Quro Token (Quro is singular here not plural)

The Qfora Ecosystem is made up of Qfora itself, customers, Qrators and partner companies. Customers become PI generators and Qfora compensates PI use with Quroz for their data supply. Then, Qfora, already holding big data, provides Qrators with the PI information and receives payment by Quroz as well.

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Concierge Application

Generating users’ PI based on Coloz’s accumulated IT and human touch technology, Qfora App shows how much Beauty/Fashion items match each individual using Qfora verification model. So it becomes an indispensable Life Style Application.

Available Soon
  • 1
    Find your color

    Qfora uses your PI(Personal Information) to find your Personal color based on Big Data.

  • 2
    Experience curating just for you

    Experience Qfora curation that shines in both Cosmetic and Fashion.

  • 3
    Share your confidence

    Own your PI, Earn your Pie



[문화뉴스] 큐포라 홍영민 대표 "퍼스널 컬러 입힌 패션과 뷰티, 블록체인으로 더 꽃핀다" (인터뷰)

[문화뉴스 이루람 칼럼] 섬세한 IoT 큐레이션, 개인의 취향 저격한다

[아이티비즈] 슈퍼블록스타K 블록체인 포럼에서 ‘큐포라 컬러를 입다’ ICO플랫폼 선보여

[패션비즈] 컬러즈x아하정보통신, 글로벌 뷰티•패션 플랫폼 시동



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